Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mid-Month Mix

Okay, so we're halfway between rent checks for my first off campus apartment and I only have enough money from my job a chili's to entertain myself via free music I found on the internet.  So, I'll share my burn list for the CD I'm gonna be jammin' to in my car with the windows down because I don't want to run the A/C  (not for Al Gore reasons, but because it just costs too much).

Late Summer Sampler:

  1. Phaseone - Marty & Sonietta 
  2. Music Go Music - Love, Violent Love
  3. The Clean - Tensile
  4. Neon Indian - Terminally Chill
  5. jj - Things Will Never Be The Same
  6. Weird Tapes (Memory Cassette) - 50mph
  7. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier - activismV2
  8. MegaMoog - Eleanor
  9. Phaseone - (Only) Reprise
  10. Friend - What Is It
  11. The XX - Shelter
  12. White Denim - I Start To Run
  13. Giant Ears - Fake Hotel
  14. White Denim - El Heart Attack DCWYW
  15. Julian Lynch - Onward Flour
  16. The Clean - Are You Really On Drugs
  17. Washed Out - Hold Out
  18. The XX - Basic Space
  19. The Smith Westerns - The Glam Goddess
  20. Taken By Trees - Watch The Waves (Memory Tapes Version)
  21. Retarded Cobras vs. Lil Wayne - Lollipop (High Seas Mix)
  22. The XX - Crystalised
  23. The Clean - Loog
  24. The XX - Fantasy

Download Full-length playlist here and burn it yourself!  Enjoy.

Tracks 1-12

Tracks 13-24

What are your pics for this month?  Do you agree that these are the alt songs of summer?

Your move Shiny/Cobra Joe/Cobra-ho.

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