Friday, August 14, 2009

BlogWeek in Review:

Okay, so I know I haven't posted in a couple days, but that's because my mom was using the family computer to check her hotmail and she found some stuff in the internet explorer's history that I forgot to clear from the cookies.  Now she is really pissed and doesn't understand why I'm looking at a porn site where old hippie swingers trade pics of each others saggy genetalia.  I can never tell her the real reason I went to those sites was so I could contribute that meaningful peace about the bro humpin his SUV.  If she discovers this blog she'll probably send me to some type of christian private school where everybody sings songs they learned from the Disney Channel.  She was so upset that I looked at porn, she decided to set me back in the stone-age by not letting me use any devices that connect to the internet.

I felt so eighties, but without all the zany outfits and catchey tunes, instead i was stuck with just the opportunities to be authentic that don't involve Photoshop, Abbyton, FruitenLoops, GarbageBand, TwitFaceSpace, or BlogDot.  I had to rely on other forms of entertainment.

 I've never been so bored.  I tried to talk to my sibling but she said I was a creep and an accident and the only reason I'm here at all is because mom used to drink.  I then reminded her that she's just mad cause the school mom made her go to (when she caught her Lezzin out on the softball team) wouldn't let her bring a same-sex date to prom.  

Then I tried to practice guitar so I could be an Indie-rockstar one day, but after only a couple minutes I got frustrated and decided to quit.  Guess I could still be a star like that guitar Bro from the Dirty Projectors.  

Next, I tried to watch TV, but my mom unhooked the cable in my room so I could only pick-up some local channel that was playing the tries Waytoohardtobe Zany show: Scrubs.  I watched it for like five minutes then I had to walk away and take some Addy cause Zach BraffBro's character kept distracting me with his eyebrows.  When I came back I thought about watching porn but because I couldn't go online, I was only left with those mags i stole from my uncle and that VHS tape.  I was gonna watch the VHS tape but I couldn't figure out the VCR because I'd never actually used it before by myself and the disc menu never would come on.

So, instead of getting discouraged I found my iNanoPOD classic and put on my headphones.  I listened to some tunes that I got off that invite-only torrent tracker that highschool kid sent me an invite to.  Fortunately I was able to download some advances a couple weeks ago so I could still be slightly ahead on the alt music scene.  The only problem was I couldn't check out any blogs to tell me what tracks to skim through and what tracks to skip to.  

Of the stuff I DL'd I guess I'd have to say that these are some of my fav tracks:

Taken By Trees:  Watch The Waves (Memory Tapes Version)  MP3

Atlas Sound - Walk a Thin Line (Fleetwood Mac Cover) MP3

Washed Out - Hold Out MP3

Zomby - Helter Skelter MP3

and finally one that is not new, but is still worth listening to (it makes me want to kidnap my very own kewt aZn)

Megamoog - Eleanor MP3

oh and fuck fleetwood mac and everyone who listens to them


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  1. you should take up scrap-booking! or maybe practice your steps for the ULTIMATE BATTLE of 'Dance Dance Revolution' (after school Friday at Billy's house....BYOS..Bring Your Own Sparks!)