Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is this old Bro trying to tell us something?

Not really sure what is going on in this pic.  At first glance it looks like a normal gross looking fairy trying to snuff out his wang via Carbon Monoxide poisioning because he can't afford the expensive surgery to turn him into a real post-op trannybro.  My second thought was that he couldn't afford the procedure because he drives an SUV and gas prices are too high.  

Then after another moment of reading the emotions this person is trying to convey to his audience, I felt that this man's pain is much deeper.  The pain of this man's gender confusion can in no way compare to the pain he feels whenever he tightens his tie before getting out of the elevator, on the floor of his office at his marketing job.  

He knows that the man his colleagues know is not the man he really wants to be.  He can no longer make love to his wife (while he pretends she's the girl that works at the chili's bar).  He can't talk about football with his friends (while imagining the football is his wife/mother/boss/testicles).  He can't even go to church (where he pretends the priest is the alterboy).  This is it, this is him telling the rest of society to go fuck their ties, offices, sports, priests, and SUVs.  Do you see the connection?  I think if he were to give verbal advice, that didn't involve lingerie and his exposed testicles, it would be to:  Be urself;  Be authentic.  

I guess I could be wrong, what are your interpretations?

Is he:

doing some sort of emissions test?  pretending he had a better car?  trying to get a sweet branded-on cockring?  high on crack/ecstasy/pcp/viagra/life?  

furthermore, What is this Bro's personal Brand?

fuck cockrings.



  1. I think this is someone who is really trying to 'give it' to his 'clunker' before he sells it for something more fuel efficient and that emits a smaller carbon footprint (and is therefore more prude) this weekend.

  2. Yeah, I agree. I think this bro is trying to get one in before he trades it in with that new .gov incentive to get gassy guzzlers off the road. I don't really blame him, he seems like a chill bro.

  3. maybe he was in the middle of a 'lover's session' (with the town priest and a donkey) and remembered he needed to clean his tailpipe...and look at that...he has the secret cleaning ingredient! the town priest thought it would be 'totally alt/rad/sexy/hawt' to take a pic! all just a case of perfectly insane timing. chance...life is just a series of experiences/opportunities guided by chance and timing. Or, what you guys said. Either scenario.