Sunday, August 9, 2009

The xx: Hip new UK band or next generation of sexuality?

I just heard of this new club for tween swingers: The xx. It's an underground society located within the suburbs of the UK. Here any freak can get their chance to do whatever type of slippery shit it is that they feel the more popular kids at their high school do with girls buzzin' on cough syrup and laxatives. They can just be themselves and still find someone to cum in/on without all the pressures that come along with maintaining an image that conforms. Here a generation of MTV watchers who mature to abandon the sophomoric network only to begin viewing MTV2, or FuZe, can set aside all their heartache and rejection and finger the girl next door, u know the one with the father that drinks.

I just know that this gothchill group, of KeLLi OZZyBOUrne fans, is the hottest foursome I've seen since that Blazzin' AZNs vid I Dl'd and stored away on that flash drive I hid under my mattress so my mom didn't find it. They are all I'm gonna be listening too next year when I go to college because I want to hookup with all the alt/hot girlz who will listen to this while reading Sylvia Plath. I know these are the girls for me. These girls, like myself, are the ones who don't quite fit into the Hollister wearing, Chili's eating group of mainstreamers that listen to FM radiostations above 100 MHz. I know I will find the girl that can make me Altgasm like no other in a quaint coffee bar or thrift store while this song is playing on that Iphone i'm getting for graduation.  

I can't wait to go away to college next year and leave all these uptight brittney spears lovin bitches behind while I go away to have sex with chicks that could never be cheerleaders but are not fat and don't have too many obvious physical deformities. I know that next year is going to be great because my cousin is already going to be living in town but off campus and he can buy us sparks and hiLiFe and Jager, like whenever so. Holla at me this fall and we'll get really wasted and experiment with college girls! I feel like things are finally going to happen for me when I get out this town and it's all because of The xx. 

Oh and Fuck Chili's!


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