Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fuck our 7th grade teacher, Ms. M_______

So I was listening to the new HEALTH album, which leaked yesterday. I was completely taken into their dissociated world of shattered sonics/instruments-hooked-up-in-crazy-ways-to-produce-abandoned-city-and-steel-type-sound-scapes, when I realized that it reminded me of the personality of our 7th grade teacher, Ms. M_______, who we had last year.

She was such a fucking bitch cause:

1.) she gave me punish work because I 'hit' my bookbag with my foot/shin during English and it made my Sub Pop compilation CD come on
2.) she has a haircut like a man
3.) she tries to correct me for little interpersonal things, but she isn't my mom, and she's lived in Louisiana for her entire life so that must mean she's fucking backwards anyway so like what does she know about personalities anyway??
4.) Bush supporter
5.) 'conservative' listed on her Facebook

My bros and I do a ton of analysis of her and Chris said she does things called 'talking points', where like she doesn't know what she's talking about during English/Science (for example) but she throws out these 'points' in an irrelevant manner. Kinda sad when we can see through her bullshit as 7TH GRADERS.

Kinda also goes back to points 4 and 5 where it's obvious that she just has an agenda that she's trying to push. We didn't even cover 'evolution' in science because it was 'against school policy'. That's bullshit anyway because she's a tool because my brother (who listens to Eminem), told me about this dude Neetchi and how "god was invented to explain things in the past when knowledge wasn't so vast but is no longer relevant". So fuckign dumb that we pray in class.

Anyway, we had been keeping track of how many times she says the word "therefore" every day. Which she says A LOT!! I remember one day she said it like 45 times. I wish we would have kept track before March cuz then I could put how many times in a whole YEAR haha.

So I'm glad I'm moving to New York for 8th grade next year.


Yeah so ready to go to a school that is cultured and liberal and open minded. Already have a bunch of shit that I'm going to bring to change my personal brand:

-Neon Indian 'Yikes!' pencils
-Nike messenger bag
-Zooey Deschanel 'Lisa Frank' folders

Gonna get guitar lessons and then HIGH SCHOOL

So until then I am going to listen to HEALTH and remember this dumb whroe/hag/dumb teacher who should get fired. I feel so sad for next year's class who has her!


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