Friday, August 7, 2009


Ever just feel like doing something new?  Something you haven't done before?  I feel like a fish out of water; dry and thirsty.  I think the majestic Davey Bowie said it best, "I wish I could swim like the dolphins,  like dolphins can swim."  In this rock classic, bowie wasn't just wailing about the bravery it takes to be a gay musician and still do tons of drugged out female models just to impress a wider audience.  He was talking about how liberating it would be to be one of natures gayest creatures as well.  So in a way totally unrelated to the subtle way bowie screamed about longing for his well hung "queen,"  i am (ambitiously) starting a blog that discusses all the obscure, irrelevant things that become relevant within the realm of our retarded snake pit.  And if for some reason this comes back to bite me in the ass, I'll let it be known that I am starting this endeavor without the authority of the rest of the band, though I hope they will join me in starting a revolution against shit we haven't already made fun of.  Oh and maybe this part will start a trend: fuck people who dress up like fish!  -mg

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