Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Line simulation

Glad that I arrived at the event an hour and a half early yall. There shouldn't be any trouble getting front and center/'first dibs'. Everyone else is probably going to show up like 10 minutes before, so it's smart thinking of me to show up with a couple hours to spare. This is much better than having showed up at the 'crack of dawn' also because not that many people do that anyway... just paranoid bros and people who do it for the adventure/the delirious high of no sleep/weird uptight ppl. So yeah, almost there. It's around the corner...


Ahh fuck. Holy shit, this is a long line. Fuck, really? I wonder how fast it's moving. Uh.

Does anyone know if this is the line to get in/see the show/get the new OS X?

Well we're in the same boat at least.

Let's bond over bitching.

Yeah fuck this line is fucking long fuck.


Just then a snarky bro walks up and tells us some Line Facts like how the line 'WRAPS around' at some point just out of view. There's a whole chunk missing. Not seen by the eyes of the beginning-ish of the line because this half of the line blends in with the later portion of the line. Kind of like those endless horizon pools from MTV Cribs that everyone got via 'ballin' competition'.

This line is 'fucking long bro'.

Is it even worth it to wait?

Does anyone know if it's 'about to sell out' or they already gave away the $300 off plasma TVs?

Can we hypothesize more. More of us should have our places 'held' so we can venture to the front to 'scope the entrance out' to report back with news.


Then it becomes a game of trust. Don't let them back into the line. Trick more people to 'scope it out'.

Is it ever REALLY important? Is this a metaphor for life in some sort of way?

Do good things always come to those who wait or do sometimes the stores of life sell out of the good shit and we're just stuck going home or buying 10% off bundles of CD-Rs to make the trip 'worth it' even after X amount of waiting. Is it logical to appropriate 'heavy cynicism' just because a metaphor for the waiting in line experience can be tacked on to life via trying too hard?

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